Employment Law Experience


General Employment Law Counseling and Dispute Resolution

At Pridgen Bassett Law, we believe that having a well-rounded understanding of federal and state employment laws benefits all parties potentially involved in workplace disputes. This is why our general employment practice encompasses both employers and employees.

Ongoing Corporate Employment Counseling

For employers, one of the most important services that Pridgen Bassett Law provides is our ongoing employment counseling. When human resources questions arise regarding onboarding, separations, employee handbooks, grievance procedures, new requirements or other policy matters, we provide answers to ensure your HR department is complying with current requirements under applicable federal and state employment laws. When you need to know what the best practice is with regard to a particular HR/employment compliance area, give us a call.

Employee Representation and Negotiating Employment Contracts

We also provide employment law representation to employees, typically executives or key employees who have specific questions relating to their employment contracts and/or transitioning from one job to the next. We strategically evaluate whether you have leverage to negotiate for more benefits or compensation or for a severance package. We can advise you as to your rights and responsibilities related to any restrictive covenants that might otherwise get lost in the fine print, such as noncompete or nonsolicitation clauses. Additionally, we can advise you on your state and federal employee rights, including those regarding wage and hour laws, and we also understand the evidence needed to build a strong case alleging various forms of wrongful termination.

Wage-and-Hour Law Compliance, Counsel and Dispute Resolution

Fair payment is essential for both employers and their workers. However, each party could have a different viewpoint about the fairness of wages and working time. Whether you are a worker or an employer, you might need professional guidance to avoid or address a wage and hour dispute, including under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Our team is positioned to anticipate potential problems in your case before they arise.

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Experienced ERISA and Employment Law Representation

Pridgen Bassett Law is committed to answering your questions about your ERISA or employment disputes. While located in the metro Atlanta area, our practice spans nationwide.

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